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At Armor Security Glass, our safety products offer added protection for your glass. Our security products include security bars, gates, screens, custom 2 inch mesh screens/bars and  more.

We have a variety of window solutions that can give you a proactive approach to safety and security!

Security Bars

If your business or home is in an area where you have experienced repeated vandalism and forced entries, security bars are an excellent visual deterrent and are considered to be one of the most economical ways of securing a point of entry.


Armor Security Glass carries fixed aluminium and fixed steel security bars in a variety of pre-manufactured or custom solutions designed to meet your unique needs.


Fixed Aluminum Security Bars

  • Made of strong extruded aluminum alloy

  • Designed to present a French window style appearance

  • Attached to the window frame

  • Available in clear anodized, white or brown polyester, and powder coating


Fixed Steel Security Bars

  • Made of strong tubular steel

  • Installed and placed over top of your windows

  • Powder coated for durability

  • Available in brown, white, or black


Custom Solutions in Aluminium or Steel

  • Custom-made to fit your windows and doors

  • Double welded at each joint for superior strength

  • Installed using a 2-point anchoring u-bracket in each side of the window

  • Rust and chip resistant powder coat baked-on enamel finish

  • Many different colours available

Security Screens

Security Screens are a strong, durable product option to secure your investment, deter burglaries and break ins, yet at the same time provide great curb appeal! Our custom Security Screens meet all your security requirements for your commercial  business and property. 


The benefits of the security screens:

  • allows you to sleep with your windows open and still have a secure home

  • provides a safe place for young children to not accidentally be pushing out the screen and having an accident

  • protects and keeps out mosquitos and any other type of insects

  • help prevents your dog and or cat from clawing and scratching the screens and possibly getting out


Model #1000- Fixed Style & Model #1500 Egress Style 

  • Frame and Mullions are roll-formed lockseam tubular, minimum .333(24) gauge hot dipped galvanized steel

  • The security screens have a high tensile stainless wire mesh fitted into either type model to protect your property.

  • All exposed surfaces of the frame and mesh are powder coated in standard and special order colors.

Security Gates

Security gates are strong and cost-effective. They are a bold deterrent that block and visually deter intruders, protecting your assets.


Standard Security Gates
Our standard security gate is a powder-coated steel retractable grill that can be used in a variety of front entrance doors for retail stores, gas stations, warehouses, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, and more. They are customized to meet many applications and secure openings of up to 20 feet in width.


Easily folded away to 15% of the fully expanded size, security gates are off to side when not in use. All security gates come with a variety of locking options (such as slam locks or thumb-turns) that can be keyed for all security installations.


Double Diamond Security Gates
Armor Security Glass also carries double diamond security gates - a closed lattice retractable grill with a protective sleeve designed to prevent insertion of hands and tools attempting to pry open and unlock the gate. Providing high security, the double diamond security gates are available in a variety of widths and heights and allow the gate to be opened from the interior of the building.


Trolley Security Gates
Trolley security gates provide a mobile security system. The gates can be wheeled away and stored when not in use. Available in white, light grey, black and safety yellow, the trolley security gates can span widths of up to 98 feet. Ideal for inventory control or allowing a shipping door to stay open during the hot summer months while keeping your business secure.

Security Enclosures

Security Enclosures are a perfect solution for securing your business, commercial property and or warehouse from vandalism, theft , loitering, unwanted sheltering on your property!

The examples of benefits of Security Enclosures:

  • Protecting pharmaceuticals

  • Securing stock rooms and valuable materials.

  • Safeguarding  private data information.

  • Provides visibility and protects areas against vandalism, loitering and break and entries.

  • Secure and close off access to alcoves, exterior stairwells, and stairwell crawlspaces to deter unwanted  sheltering, loitering.

  • To protect people and employees having  access to  hazard materials, machinery and protect buildings from equipment damage.

Each Security Enclosure  is custom designed and fabricated to meet requirements of each individual project. All enclosures are fabricated with steel and can be powder coated finish in basic black or white and any custom colours if required.