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We will be happy to discuss your window privacy and security needs and answer any questions you may have about our products. Contact us today at

What are window films? 
Window films are a thin polyester-base film which are coated and laminated with different metals and dyes. These films are applied to the surface of the glass facing the interior of a building or home. 

How can I compare safety and security films from different companies? 
Although thickness is a common reference point when people are shopping for window films, other important questions to ask are: 

- What is the break strength of the film?

- How is the film anchored into the window? 

Does security film prevent the glass from breaking? 

No. Security film does an excellent job holding the broken glass together but it cannot prevent the window from breaking if it comes in contact with a severe force i.e. baseball bat, cinder block. 

What type of window film will I need?
The type of window film you will need will depend on your security needs. The 
safety films are best suited for situations where your main concern is safety from accidental glass breakage. The safety films are 7mil and lower. For protections of properties and storefronts from smash and grab robberies and forced entries, security films with 12mil, 14mil, or 15mil thicknesses are recommended. 

Is security film on my windows and doors all the security I will need?
To maintain an overall safe and secure environment we recommend a combination  of security features. An effective system uses good locks, an alarm system, as well as glass security film. 

How will window films affect my plants?
In most cases, if a plant is already receiving adequate light the use of window film will not harm it. However, in some cases new growth or flowering may slow down for a few days and the plant may go into a state of adjustment while it gets used to the light change. If a particular plant normally wilts by the end of a sunny day, it will actually thrive better with film installed. Most nurseries or local agriculture agencies can advise you whether a particular plant needs maximum or minimal light. 

How much fading will solar control window films stop?
Ultra violet, visible light, and heat are responsible for approximately ninety percent of fabric fading.  A solar control window film with a visible light transmission of 15% stops almost 80% of fabric fading. A solar control window film with a visible light transmission of 60% stops approximately 60% of fabric fading by limiting the amount of ultra violet, visible light and heat entering through the window. 

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